Who is T-Squared Financial Solutions

Dan Tarrillion, CPA and Thomas Mangold, CPA recognized the need for an accounting solution that provides business owners with reliable up to date financial information, quick access to CPAs for questions and consulting and predictable monthly pricing.  With this vision, T Squared Financial Solutions was created.

The newest trend in Bookkeeping and Accounting services is for robots to do 90% plus of the monthly posting of entries.  This often creates errors that result in financials that are not accrual based.  While T Squared does utilize technology where it makes sense, client income and expense records are reviewed by Accountants and CPA’s who make sure items are recorded properly and in the correct time period. T Squared Financial Solutions is a bookkeeping service that uses the perfect mix of people and software to provide you with accurate books.

We utilize technology in order to deliver a better product.

Business owners need a team of bookkeepers, Accountants and CPAs dedicated to their business.  That’s TSquared!